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Webb County, Texas is known for the 2,152,320 acres that encompass it. It stretches on the southwestern edge along the Rio Grande river. The cities that comprise Webb County are:

• Laredo – County Seat (Pop. 261,639)

• Bruni (Pop. 379)

• El Cenizo (Pop. 3,220)

• Mirando City (Pop. 166)

• Oilton (Pop. 152)

• Rio Bravo (Pop. 4,794)

(Population based on the 2010 U.S. Census)

Webb County is the largest county in South Texas and the sixth biggest in our ample state. It houses the commercial crossings from Mexico into Texas via the Port of Laredo, which is the number one inland port along the United States and Mexico borer. In 2018, the Port of Laredo was ranked No. 2 in imports and exports nationwide, with over 4.6 million commercial crossings on land comprising of 57.8% of all cross border trade (Laredo Economic Development Corporation). Goods shipped through the Port of Laredo travel to more than 60 countries.


Land ports in Webb County consists of five bridges located in Laredo between the United States and Mexico; Juarez-Lincoln Bridge, Gateway to the Americas Bridge, World Trade Bridge, and the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity Bridge. The World Trade Bridge processes more than 12,000 commercial vehicles on a daily basis. Goods also cross on land through the Laredo International Railroad Bridge.


From the famous streets to the hidden treasures in contemporary stories that embrace its rich history, you’d be surprised by all you can find in Webb County, Texas. Flat to rolling terrain covered in mesquite, thorny shrubs and cacti, the area has been inhabited for 11,000 years. The streets of Laredo will absorb you with their narratives of over 260 years. Take a tour to discover where the sounds and architecture of our lively border destination will take you.

Message From The County Judge

Judge Tano Tijerina

Welcome to Webb County, the BEST County in the State of Texas! On behalf of our County Commission and citizens, I welcome you to visit our vibrant community. Whether you’re a first time visitor or have planted roots here, one thing is for sure, you are guaranteed to fall in love and come back. Don’t be alarmed if you receive a warm welcome with a “beso and abrazo”—a hug and kiss. This is part of our friendly and hospitable culture.

Webb County is steps away from our southern neighbor, Mexico. Separated by the Rio Grande River, our unique location has nurtured a rich cultural heritage in our community. This has fostered a dynamic environment with an eclectic blend of history, art and cuisine. Our lively culture and warm people makes Webb County a community where residents, visitors and businesses alike thrive and prosper.

I welcome you to embrace all we have to offer and make Webb County your own!

Un Abrazo Grande,

Tano E. Tijerina

How to get to Laredo

Texas begins here! Located on Mile Marker 1 of Interstate Highway 35, this is the edge of the country and the beginning of a visitor experience like no other.

Laredo is located 150 miles south of San Antonio, Texas, and 154 miles north of Monterrey, Mexico. It is served by Interstate 35; US Highway 59 and 83; and Texas Highway 359.


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